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Two Dolphins Swim Side By Side Until They Reach Their End In Elephant And Castle

My dolphin earrings broke on the 171 bus
The bit where the two swimming dolphins meet the hook
So the dolphins are still together, they just can’t go anywhere

The only sea creatures in the whole world liberated by captivity
Make sure your tuna is hook and line caught!
Dolphins get caught in the nets

I said to myself that you had to notice the dolphin earrings
We were lying on the grass as the sun was setting when you asked me
about my dolphin earrings.
There are two fag ends lying in a pile of ash in a glass by my bed
They have been there nearly two weeks
I don’t smoke.

I’m moving out soon, I should scatter the ash
A romantic gesture that acknowledges Love’s inevitable tragedy
I am the pragmatic lover.
How many days do Jack and Rose spend together during Titanic?

I will go to Wales, Cardigan Bay
The best place to spot dolphins, in the UK